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Fire Doors

Traditional fire shutters and insulated fire shutters

Tested to BS 476 Part 22: 1987

Test Report 220737

240 minute fire protection

What does this mean?

Our insulated fire shutter doors will provide an incredible 96% more protection from a radiant heat source than a standard single fire roller shutter.

With a fire raging at 1200oC on the other side of a standard fire shutter you wouldn’t be able to stand within 6 metres of the opening. This is going to hamper the fire services who arrive to fight the fire and also its going to prevent any people trapped, without a means of escape from passing in front of the red hot door. An incredibly serious and potentially disastrous situation.

Radiant heat protecting fire shutter doors, protection from combustibility.

The incredible Fireflex is an obvious choice for situations where increased risk of fire is a major concern. Fireflex provides a substantial safety barrier between the source of the fire and any precious or dangerously flammable stock.  

Fireflex insulated fire shutter doors are the perfect application for hospitals shopping centres & various industrial applications

Due to it’s unique and ground breaking construction, the radiant heat levels around our fire roller shutters drop from 65kw sq metre to an astonishing 2.7 kw sq metre, this means that combustible materials can be stored half a metre away from a 1200oC inferno, increasing floor space and reducing risk and break down of fire compartmentation. Fire crews can safely tackle the blaze right next to the door, and anyone unfortunate enough to be trapped without an immediate exit can safely walk past the roller shutter, without fear of the radiant heat being as dangerous to them as the fire itself.

We also offer the standard uninsulated fire shutter range offering up to 4 hours protection.

Fire shutters

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